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Grenade : resmi tatiller, bankaların kapalı olduğu günler, okul tatilleri


Grenade : resmi tatillerin, banka ve borsaların kapalı olduğu günlerin, okul tatillerinin, ticaret fuarlarının, kültürel ve spor etkinliklerinin, bayramların, karnavalların, seçimlerin tam programı

Para birimi : East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Internet domain: .gd - Telephone code: +1-473 - International dialing code: 011
Hafta sonu: cumartesi ve pazar

bU ÜLKENIN DILLERINDE TERCÜME ETMEK IÇIN: ingilizce (47 ülkede, 350 milyon kişi tarafından konuşuluyor), creole ...
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Pazartesi 8 Ağustos, 2022KarnavalLaik tatil
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Salı 9 Ağustos, 2022Karnaval salısıLaik tatil
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Pazartesi 15 Ağustos, 2022Bölgesel tatilLaik tatil
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Salı 25 Ekim, 2022THANKSGIVING (Şükran Günü)Laik tatil
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Cuma 9 Aralık, 2022Noel tatili (başlangıç)Yukarıdaki resmi tatillere ilave okul tatilleri (bölgeye göre değişebilir)
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Pazar 25 Aralık, 2022Noel günüKatolik veya protestan
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Pazartesi 26 Aralık, 2022Noel ertesiLaik tatil
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Pazar 1 Ocak, 2023Yeni yıl (tıklayın)Laik tatil
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Pazartesi 2 Ocak, 2023Noel Tatili (bitiş)Yukarıdaki resmi tatillere ilave okul tatilleri (bölgeye göre değişebilir)
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Cymartesi 28 Ocak, 2023Grenada Sailing WeekSpor
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Salı 7 Şubat, 2023Bağımsızlık günüMilli bayram
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Salı 14 Şubat, 2023Sevgililer GünüKartpostal/Çiçekle
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Pazartesi 20 Şubat, 2023Bölgesel tatilLaik tatil
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Salı 21 Şubat, 2023Bölgesel tatilLaik tatil
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Pazartesi 8 Ağustos, 2022
Laik tatil : From dawn on Carnival Monday, the streets of Grenada's towns are filled with traditional masqueraders depicting Devils (Jab-Jabs) and social commentaries of the highlights of the past year (Ole Mas). Spectators and masqueraders dance to the sounds of steel bands and DJ’s playing the latest carnival melodies.

Karnaval salısı

Salı 9 Ağustos, 2022
Laik tatil : Carnival celebrations come to an end on Carnival Tuesday with the parade of the bands. Masqueraders dance through the streets showcasing their brightly coloured costumes to the delight of the crowd with sounds of steel bands and DJ’s playing the latest carnival songs

Bölgesel tatil

Pazartesi 15 Ağustos, 2022
Laik tatil : in St George only http://www.grenadagrenadines.com/cal.html


Salı 25 Ekim, 2022
Laik tatil : Relations with the United States were strained when Maurice Bishop took power in a bloodless coup and suspended the 1974 Constitution. Following another coup in which Bishop among others were executed, the United States invaded Grenada on October 25, 1983. They were accompanied by troups from Jamaica, Barbados, and other countries. The Constitution was reinstated, and elections were held the following year. thanks to shagtown.com

Noel tatili (başlangıç)

Cuma 9 Aralık, 2022
Okul bayramlar :

Noel günü

Pazar 25 Aralık, 2022
Katolik veya protestan : Christmas Day in Grenada is marked by religious celebrations and an increased generosity of spirit among the local population. Christmas traditions include the display of Nativity scenes, the decoration of Christmas trees and homes, Christmas parties with Santa Claus being the special guest at children's parties and the exchange of gifts during the festive season.

Noel ertesi

Pazartesi 26 Aralık, 2022
Laik tatil : Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated on the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive gifts known as a Christmas box from their masters, employers or customers. Due to historical reasons, depending on the year, Boxing Day can be celebrated BEFORE Christmas

Yeni yıl (tıklayın)

Pazar 1 Ocak, 2023
Laik tatil : Türkiye dâhil, dünyadaki çoğu ülke tarafından kullanılan Miladi takvime göre yılın ilk günü. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Noel Tatili (bitiş)

Pazartesi 2 Ocak, 2023
Okul bayramlar : Www.gov.gd
calendar provided by the government
schools close on Saturday
school uniforms required
Education is modeled on the British system.
It is compulsory for ages 5 to 16 and free. Students must take an entrance exam to enter lower secondary school.
At the end of the school program, students take the Caribbean general certificate of education or the Cambridge GCE. However, not everyone participates in the system as poverty and seasonal demands for the harvests prevent some students from attending.

Dates confirmed till Oct 2022

Please note that authorities may take last-minute decisions; please double-check if this information is vital to you
Make a Paypal donation of euros 10 to [email protected] to purchase the full calendar for Grenada schools
Contact [email protected] to purchase a file containing confirmed calendars of 550 countries and regions.

Grenada Sailing Week

Cymartesi 28 Ocak, 2023
Spor : Https://grenadasailingweek.com/ 2023 edition confirmed

Bağımsızlık günü

Salı 7 Şubat, 2023
Laik tatil : Granted by the UK in 1974

Sevgililer Günü

Salı 14 Şubat, 2023
Kartpostal/Çiçekle : Introduced by Pope Gelasus in 498, perhaps in response to a local Roman tradition of lovers writing their names on an urn in February

Bölgesel tatil

Pazartesi 20 Şubat, 2023
Laik tatil : Carnival Monday in Carriacou only

Bölgesel tatil

Salı 21 Şubat, 2023
Laik tatil : Second day of Carnival Petite Martinique and Carriacou only